GEICO – “Money Man” Campaign

MM Cometh SlideYou’ve all probably seen this guy cruising around your screens for the past year or so.  He’s part Swamp Thing, part Pizza the Hut, and completely made of money.  While I can’t take credit for writing or performing The Allman Brothers’ classic song, “Midnight Rider” (which is being used in two of the Money Man commercials, click here), I was lucky enough to do the music for the other spots with DCP Productions, the creators of these beautiful spots.  Click here to see the “GEICO – Money Man Gas Station” spot and click here for the “GEICO – Money Man Boat” spot, both from last year’s campaign.  And click here to see  “GEICO – Money Man Bike Rally” from this year.  Keep an eye for more Money Man later this year.

About Sean Brennan

Composer/Sound Designer
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9 Responses to GEICO – “Money Man” Campaign

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  2. David Burdsal says:

    How can I download your steel/slide guitar music!?

  3. Buddy Hammett says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the hub-bub on YouTube regarding who performs the guitar work on the Money Man/Boat commercial. People put forth Ryan Bingham, George Thorogood, and the venerable Leo Kottke as the virtuoso. To me it brought to mind Ronnie Wood’s crazed rendition of “Around the Plinth” with the Faces.

    Congrats on seriously the best slide guitar composition and performance I’ve heard in fifty-plus years. You and DCP are a collaboration that captures the emotions and imagination.

    • Sean Brennan says:


      Thanks so much for your comment – the praise means a lot to me. And you hit the nail on the head with Leo Kottke; he’s been a huge inspiration to me since I first started trying to fingerpick. I’m flattered that you would even put me alongside him. Stay in touch!


  4. Ray says:

    Regarding the “Money Man Boat” music, I think most casual adult listeners (like myself) immediately go to the only song in which they’ve ever heard such a riff: “Who Do You Love”, George Thorogood & the Destroyers version which they recall from late 1970s FM rock radio. Am I correct in assuming that the music in the spot is your own composition, as opposed to your cover of another song in that genre? Either way, it’s the best musicianship I’ve seen in a TV add this year.

    • Sean Brennan says:

      Hey Ray, Thanks so much for your compliments, and for being driven to find me! You are correct, the song in the boat commercial is not a cover. A lot of people have mentioned Who Do You Love, which is funny to me because I didn’t even listen to that song while I was working on mine. The guy you’ll wanna check out is Leo Kottke – particularly his song “Busted Bicycle”. Thanks again.

  5. Lee says:

    I am a big fan of Leo , and now you Sean , that guitar on the boat commercial is amazing ! is there a whole version ? if so can we purchase it ? awesome job

  6. Laura says:

    Is there an instrumental version of money man, boat? I love it!!!

  7. Joey says:

    Great song! Would love to learn how to play it. Would it be uncouth of me to ask if you could provide some tabs???

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